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seShDocMeet is a real-time collaboration platform which helps participants to conduct Meetings, Webinars, Web conferences and Consultations. It brings together geographically dispersed teams and people together on a common platform. It provides unique features to recreate an environment that replicates personal interactions.


Our Clients

  • A Leading Hospital as Remote Consulting Platform
  • A Chain of Institutes as Virtual Learning Platform
  • Legal Firm for Document Management and Online Client Discussion
  • Fortune 500 Company for Virtual Recruitment and Appraisal Interviews
  • Software Company for Global Product training
  • Social Networking site as Communication Portal

Highlighted Features

  • Real Time Video Conferencing
  • Conference Recording & Archiving
  • Seamless Document Sharing
  • Full-featured Whiteboard
  • Co-viewing and Co-annotation
  • Multimedia Content Sharing